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World Type: PVP
Server save: 6:00 A.M CET / UTC+01:00 (Sarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw, Zagreb)
Map clean: Every 1 hour
Level needed to create a guild: 100
Level needed to buy a house: 100
Max attack speed: 2 Attacks per second [1hit/500ms] for 2handed weapons,
4 Attacks per second [1hit/250ms] for 2x 1handed weapons
Bless: Prevents item loss and reduces the amount of exp loss upon death
Bless price: Based on your level


Info Details
Protection level: 100
Pz time: 15 minutes
Frags to red skull: 30
Frag decrease time: 1 hours
White skull time: 15 minutes
Dmg to players: 50%
Bless hunters: 50% of the money paid for bless goes to the killer if the victim wasn't more than 100lvls lower


Info Details
Exp stages: 1-99      5x
100-199 3x
200-299 2x
300-399 1x
400-449 0.5x
450-499 0.5x
500+ 0.25x
Ninjutsu stages: 0-19  10x
20-29  5x
30-39  4x
40-49  3x
50-59  2x
60+    1x
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