Avaiable commands on the server:

Command Description
!tenten kit Gives tenten scrolls (needed to cast tenten's special jutsu)
!shop Receive item from item shop.
!jutsu Shows all avaiable jutsu
!task Progress of your current task
!online List of online players
!uptime How long server is online
!frags Shows information about frags
!buybless Buys blessing, price is 2x higher than at the npc
!saga Shows information about your current saga
!checksaga List of players with same saga as you
!findsaga Shows you direction to your current saga (usable once 30sec)
!blackmarket Shows current status and position of black market NPC
!buyhouse Buy house (you need to stand in front of the doors)
aleta sio Edit guest list
aleta som Edit subowners list
alana sio "nick Kick player out of your house
aleta grav Edit access to a door(you need to stand in front of the door you want to edit)
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