• Kunai throw is your first attack jutsu
  • Player discover his first element at lvl 25 at the Element Teacher(temple)
  • After finishing #64 saga mission player gets his second chakra element.
  • Keep in mind that wave jutsu are stronger and AoE jutsu are weaker.

  • Lee's taijutsu moves

    Level Jutsu Name Type
    25 Goken Target
    50 Konoha Shofu Target AoE
    75 Konoha Senpu AoE
    100 Goken II Target
    150 Konoha Shofu II Target AoE
    200 Konoha Senpu II AoE

    Tenten's distance attacks

    Level Jutsu Name Type
    25 Fuma Shuriken Throw Target
    50 Jidanda Throw Target
    75 Sogu Tensasai AoE
    100 Fuma Shuriken Throw II Target
    150 Jidanda Throw II Target
    200 Sogu Tensasai II AoE


    [Each cast sets the target ablaze for 2 sec dealing 5% of original dmg every second(total 10% additional dmg)]
    Level Jutsu Name Type
    25 Goryuka no Jutsu Target
    50 Hibashiri AoE
    75 Hosenka no Jutsu Target AoE
    100 Gokakyu no Jutsu Wave
    150 Karyudan no Jutsu Target
    200 Hosenka Tsumabeni Wave


    [Each cast has 35% chance to crit for additional 25% dmg]
    Level Jutsu Name Type
    25 Shinkugyoku Target
    50 Shinkuha AoE
    75 Kazekiri no Jutsu Target
    100 Shinku Taigyoku AoE
    150 Daitoppa Target
    200 Shinku Renpa Wave


    [Each cast gives us 50 movespeed for 2 sec]
    Level Jutsu Name Type
    25 Raiso Gekishin Target
    50 Bakurai AoE
    75 Shiden Target AoE
    100 Rakurai AoE
    150 Raiga Target
    200 Jibashi Wave


    [Each cast grants us 3% damage reduction for 2 sec]
    Level Jutsu Name Type
    25 Kengan no Jutsu Target
    50 Doryukatsu AoE
    75 Chokajugan no Jutsu Target
    100 Chidokaku Aoe
    150 Keijugan no Jutsu Target
    200 Doryudan Wave


    [Each cast slows down the target for 2 sec by 6% of his current movespeed]
    Level Jutsu Name Type
    25 Suishoha Target
    50 Suijinheki AoE
    75 Suidanha Target
    100 Suidan no Jutsu Wave
    150 Suigadan Target
    200 Suiryudan no Jutsu Wave
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